I’m Matt, an IT monkey in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Which isn’t actually a part of the United Kingdom, but for most intents and purposes, it may as well be a part of the United Kingdom. It’s actually a Crown Dependency… woo.

This site has been around for over 20 years in one form or another. During that time it’s had some weird and wonderful stuff on it. Some of these are still alive today. BUT, I may make no apologies for their content. I was young and immature. Nowadays, I’m, well, you know… older.

This post pretends to be the first, even though it really wasn’t.

I don’t update the blog a great deal nowadays. It’s mainly only ever been used as a sort of virtual notebook for me to remember how to do things (mostly Sharepoint crap that I’d sooner forget.)

If you want to follow me or get in touch, then choose one of the social places where I’m slightly more active.

Thanks for stopping by.

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