SharePoint 2010 + SSRS Integrated mode + deploy + login prompt

Wed, Oct 2, 2013 One-minute read

If you try to deploy an SSRS report from Visual Studio to your SharePoint environment, where SSRS has been configured in Integrated Mode, using the built-in deployment mechanism, you may encounter a situation where you are endlessly prompted for login boxes, and no account details seem to help.

There is some useful info out there about what causes this - typically a mismatch where you’re using Kerberos authentication. There’s a good post and some resolution here.

However, this didn’t resolve it for me, and the fix for me, was infinitely simpler. It was simply that although the SSRS service application had been configured in SharePoint, it hadn’t actually been linked to my SharePoint web application.

To do this:

  1. Login to Central Administration
  2. Click Manage Applications
  3. In Service Applications, click “Configure service application associations”
  4. You should see your web application(s) listed on the left hand side, and they will be in an Application Proxy Group. If the Application Proxies does not contain your SSRS Service Application, then
  5. Click on the Application Proxy Group link (e.g., default)
  6. Find the SSRS service application, and check the box.

The SSRS service application is now linked to your web application, and deploying from Visual Studio should be resolved.