Imagelists in VS2005

Thu, Jan 26, 2006 One-minute read

Amongst the multitude of annoyances that I’m putting up with in Visual Studio 2005, one small thing is they’ve removed the ability to assign an imagelist to the new toolstrip, via the designer. So you can do it; but only in the code (i.e., in the form designer generated code that you’re not supposed to touch).

What made me chuckle though was a discussion about it on the MSDN forums, and why you should use the image property and not the imagelist anymore…

Hmm, interesting. What do you miss about ImageList? ToolStrip supports it, but mainly for compat for folks porting over from toolbar - it is not exposed in the designer. ToolStrip supports having images of different sizes, color depths, etc - as well as animated images (animated gifs). It also has advanced calculations for making your images look disabled


TBH, since upgrading to VS2005 from VS2003, I’ve never heard the expression “you f*cking piece of sh1t” shouted so many times in one day.