Sample Python code to query Wunderlist API

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 2-minute read

Update: Wunderlist is no more - it got acquired by Microsoft :( The domain is also broken but I’ll leave the code here for funzies.

So I’ve been working on a simple application at home, part of which I want a list of items, which I want to be able to control from Wunderlist. As a relative novice to Python, I was looking around for some pre-built library that I could just plug in to my existing code. A few things do exist - there’s some sample code at Github and there’s even a basic API wrapper called wunderpy2.

This would be great if you’re doing some complicated full integration in to a publically consumable app. However, in each case, for my needs, both seemed like overkill or unnecessarily complicated - I just wanted to query a Wunderlist list and get the items.

So here follows a short (and very basic) tutorial for what is actually a relatively simple process using the python requests library and the json interpreter.

  1. Install requests. You could use pip but I prefer apt-get. The requests page has options on this.
  2. Go to Wunderlist and login. Find the list you will want to access in your code. Click on it. Make a note of that last integer - this is the ID of your list.
  3. Head over to the API / developer site. Create a new app. Give it a title and a description. For the URL fields (auth and callback) just put anything in.
  4. When that’s done, on the success screen, click the ‘Create access token’ button. Make a note of the ‘Access Token’ and ‘Client ID’ values.
  5. Use the code below. Put it in a file (e.g.,
  6. At your terminal, type ‘python’. This should now connect to Wunderlist and print out the titles of every item in your list.

Obviously this is sample code only - there is no error checking or robustness of any sort in this so if you do plan to use in a quasi-production environment, then you will want to beef it up.

Leave a comment if this helps you!

import requests
import json

access_token = 'your wunderlist access token'
client_id = 'your client id'
list_id = 'your list id'

headers={'X-Access-Token': access_token, 'X-Client-ID': client_id, 'Content-Type' : 'application/json'}

print("Querying Wunderlist...")
f = requests.get('', headers=headers, params={'list_id': list_id})
print("Done! Code: %s") %(f.status_code)

j = json.loads(f.text)

for i in j:
	print i['title']