Sharepoint 2010 + Internal Field Name Max Length

Little reminder about something that has just kept me busy for the last hour or so – internal field names in SharePoint lists have a max length of 32 characters. SharePoint treats this a little bizarrely – it will create the column but then truncate the internal field name. Thus is you’re doing this programmatically – and then depending on the column existing with that particular field name, things will fall over. You’ll probably see an error like

‘Column [your column name] does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.’

Well, in this case, that other user happens to be SharePoint. Helpful.

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  1. Would like to mention the same is the case of Service accounts. I forgot the length, maybe 32 as well, however when setting up Service accounts in PowerShell, make sure to keep them somewhat short if possible. What happens is that the account name gets cut off so when you try and log in to set up a service it breaks!

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