I’m Matt Thornton. I’m a 30-something IT monkey in Guernsey in the Channel Islands which for the informed is not part of the United Kingdom, but for most intents and purposes, is a part of the United Kingdom.

This site has been in operation for over 15 years. During that time it’s had some weird and wonderful stuff on it. Some of these are still alive today. BUT, I may make no apologies for their content. I was young and immature. Nowadays, I’m, well, older.

Way old stuff…

Left here for posterity’s sake. Afraid a lot of the formatting is gone but the content is still there. (Such as it is.)

  • The Topics – in the pre-Wordpress days, I wrote about some stuff. – still trying to find a database backup of this
  • Movie reviews – some serious, most not so much, pretty much all of it total shite.
  • DaVinci code guides – guides to some online challenges (I even wrote an eBook!)
  • Fingers – a brief foray in to creating a comic…!

I don’t update the blog a great deal nowadays. In fact, it’s only ever been used as a sort of virtual notebook for me to remember how to do things in mostly Sharepoint. If you want to follow me, then I’m getting slightly more active on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Glad to read you are still on your travels and having fun.
    Just a quick message to wish good luck and happy travels for 2008.

    cheers and all the best

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